Tariq S Durrani
2017 IEEE Region 8 Director-elect candidate

List of Endorsements

I have the good fortune of having worked closely with the following distinguished colleagues. They are renowned authorities in the field, ranging from internationally respected researchers, leaders of major universities to industry giants.

They have kindly given their views on my candidature as 2017 IEEE Region 8 Director-elect.

  • Saurabh Sinha - Past VP:Educational Activities (South Africa)
  • Kurt R. Richter - Past Region 8 Director (Austria)
  • Jean Gabriel Remy - Past Section Chair (France)
  • Steve Nightingale - Past Section Chair (UK & Ireland)
  • Axel Richter - Past Section Chair (Germany)
  • Pierre Borne - Past Section Chair (France)
  • Mohamed Essaaidi - Past Section Chair (Morocco)
  • Erik Stilling - Past Section Chair (Denmark)
  • Linda Bertling Tjernberg - Secretary, IEEE PES (Sweden)
  • Thanos Skodras - Past Section Chair (Greece)
  • Dario Petri - Past Section Chair (Italy)

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