Tariq S Durrani
2017 IEEE Region 8 Director-elect candidate

Position Statement

To maintain and enhance the IEEE as the world’s premier organization of professionals, I undertake to :

Support Members and their Careers
Specific Support for industry members

  • Enhancing the Skills base of professional engineers, and Young Professionals by delivering career enhancement initiatives, continuing professional development, and management skills.
  • Promote Metropolitan Area Workshops under IEEE Smart Tech Series to support capacity building for practicing engineers.
  • Encourage practitioner-driven, practitioner-oriented conferences and promote job fares at IEEE R8 Conferences.
  • Establish a Panel of Chief Executive/Technology Officers to advise IEEE on strategic issues for greater engagement with industry.
  • Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship by establishing an Innovation Academy to support the IEEE Region 8 talent pipeline that turns innovative concepts and products into entrepreneurship.

New Approaches to Member Engagement

  • Expand and enable dynamic collaborative communities worldwide to network and work together, e.g. through extensive use of Collabratec.
  • Partner with IEEE Societies in supporting developments towards emerging and disruptive technologies, e.g. Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT
  • Lead humanitarian efforts to use technology to solve the world’s most challenging problems, e.g. building on IEEE Africa Initiative, EPICS, collaborate with UNESCO.

Energizing the Region

  • Seek more balanced Regional representation in IEEE Committees and leadership positions.
  • Increase nomination of Regional experts for IEEE Prizes and Medals.
  • Increase nominations for Senior and Fellow grades.
  • Promote closer integration between Sections, Chapters and Members for Section Vitality
  • Strengthen linkages between Sections and Technical Societies.
  • Highlight opportunities for Women in Engineering to grow and flourish.

Support for Globalization

  • Drive towards affordable member rates in Region 8 through new membership models and progressive benefits.
  • Deliver IEEE's Humanitarian Vision by establishing alliances with institutions with missions aligned to the IEEE, including Engineering for Change, UNESCO, and the Paris-based World Federation of Engineering Organizations.
  • Be an authoritative voice in addressing public policy issues in the EU and further afield, e.g. Support for emerging IEEE Europe Initiative.
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