Tariq S Durrani
2017 IEEE Region 8 Director-elect candidate

Questions and Answers

Q: What do you believe are the major issues facing the IEEE?
  Carrie Loh

Member retention and volunteer support, and supporting members in industry... (see more)

A: Member retention and volunteer support.

Unacceptably high dropout rates amongst younger members and new graduates should be stemmed through targeted policies and services. Strategic initiatives should be developed, such as effective Mentoring, and gradually increasing membership fee structure for recent members.

Support for IEEE Members in industry and strengthening collaboration with industrialists

Greater opportunities are required for career enhancement through continuing professional development; job creation through entrepreneurship, and skills updating using IEEE Metropolitan Area Workshops (MAWs). Success of MAWs held in Glasgow is an exemplar.
Promoting closer engagement with industry leadership will provide strategic opportunities for partnership and value creation.


Q: What do you think is the number one goal for IEEE leadership?
  Carrie Loh

IEEE should contribute to the enrichment of lives and advancement of technology... (see more)

A: IEEE should contribute to the enrichment of lives and advancement of technology. To achieve this goal, the IEEE should:

- attract and retain professionals, practitioners, academics, and students - through excellent opportunities and services;

- provide outstanding products for members, industry, young professionals and entrepreneurs;

- foster development of novel and disruptive technologies;

- deliver excellent programs for learning, knowledge creation and skills enhancement;

- represent authoritative and independent source of Public Policy advice;

- advance and disseminate knowledge and technology through excellent publications, conferences, and promotion of Standards;

- develop world class projects in support of Humanitarian efforts.


Q: What qualifies you for the job?
  Carrie Loh

I bring extensive knowledge of the IEEE, and Board level leadership experience... (see more)

A: I bring extensive experience of IEEE; clear understanding of issues facing Region 8; Board level leadership of large-scale external organizations.

Served on Region 8; Technical Activities Board (as President Signal Processing Society; President Engineering Management Society); Publication Services and Products Board; Awards Board; several IEEE Medal Committees, and most recently, as Vice President IEEE Educational Activities Board.

In each position I have delivered outcomes of lasting benefit to IEEE.

Have held senior external positions - University Deputy Principal; Directorships in eight organizations; Vice President (International) Royal Society of Edinburgh.

I am used to managing large teams and leading them to success.


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